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How to bring life back to your bleak backyard?




Handy garden tips:

How to bring life back to your bleak backyard? 

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One way to bring life back to your dry and bleak backyard landscape is to build a pond. However a well-planed pond can better capitalise the benefits comparing to an unsuitably located and poorly designed one.

The following few points may help you to prepare for creating a great backyard pond:

  • Try to situate the pond in the location where sunlight could reach. According to Chinese feng shui theory, water, by default, is a yin object, characterized by a shady, cold and damp quality and its ability to obtain and store intangible entities. Yet a touch of sunshine can effectively disperse the decayed energy lingering in the body of water and transform the pond into a reservoir nurturing and channeling fresh air to the surrounding vicinities.

  • Try to use plants to shade part of pond so the yang energy from the sun during the heated summer season can be neutralized to a more yin-yang balanced level.

  • Try to situate the pond near the edges instead of setting it in the middle of the premises. The greater the bank area, the more waterside activities can take place.

Below is an example of a backyard pond which has a shoreline making the water course look like a natural-addition to the property:

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