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A natural-look pond with winding shoreline just one way to add the water feature to your property. Depending on where the pond is located and how you are going to use it, the pond can just be designed in a perfectly geometrical shape. For instance, when introducing water into a patio surrounded by rooms, a pond with neatly defined straight edges could be better integrated into the building environment.

Regardless the shoreline profile, you can make your pond a physical and visual wonder if you include the following key elements into your pond construction project:

  • Water plants and fish in the pond, which not only bring life and dynamism but serve water cleaning and recycling purposes.

  • Bridge or stepping stones on the pond, which invite intimate and sequential contact with water and fish.

  • Garden lamps around the pond, which enrich the setting with their ornamental feature during the day and provide an illustrious view at night.

  • Seating, in any forms, from the best viewing angles to the pond, which can greatly increase your interaction with the outdoors.

Below is the illustration of a middle courtyard pond completed with key components in, on and beside the water:

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