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A tiny patio, even with just a couple of square meters of area, not only let you access to natural elements but can extend your living space.

Of course, a patio merely consisting of a bear ground and blank walls is not attractive. To make it appealing, plants are often indispensable as they provide oxygen and humidity which are important for air quality, and they also enhance your visual experience about the place. But for a tiny patio plantation or plant pots could leave no space for you to physically move around.

In this case you can consider to elevate the plants off the ground by erecting a low plant wall, allowing the plants to grow in the containers fixed to the top as well as the side of the wall.

Finally, don't forget to maximize the benefits brought by the patio landscape. Inviting other rooms to share the patio view through windows when possible can increase visual interaction between the tightly enclosed outdoor space and the indoor areas thus further boost your sense of spatial enlargement.

Below is one of the ways to engage the tiny patio with the indoor living area:

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