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How to use screen walls smartly in a middle courtyard



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A middle courtyard is normally an open space surrounded on two or three sides by rooms. When you have a reasonably-sized middle courtyard, you may get the doors and windows of the rooms opening to the share outdoor area. But if the rooms serve different functions, they could have very different requirements on privacy, such as when a living room and a study room or even a bedroom all have assess to the same patio.  

An easy way to resolve this conflict is to erect screen walls to block the visual interference. The trick is to use the walls to enhance the visual quality of the area not the opposite.

Below is a good example on how to achieve this objective:

The screen wall in the picture has been wonderfully made into an attractive visual focus, thus instead of feeling the outdoor space has been significantly reduced in size, it gives you a sense the living room has been extended to a portion of courtyard.

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