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A west exposed garden might be shunned by many, although it has some certain advantages.

Sunset scene in the west sky is the most spectacular while the garden in the west can get more light in the late afternoon so you'll be able to sit outside longer, of course, provided there is no tall buildings to the west boundary of your property.

But in reality, when you have a west facing backyard, you may either have to minimize the windows to the garden or your room could get very hot on summer afternoons.

What if you still want to enjoy a green view from your room?

Installing a porch and/or tinting the windows are what people commonly do for west exposed rooms. But if you want to integrate your living room in the west with your garden, you'll have to go further.

Here is one approach to accomplish the goal:

  • Set up timber screen panels near the edge of the porch or pergola. But please note:

    • Do not paint the screen in light color so as to minimize the sunlight reflection into the room;

    • Do not place the panels in one line but locate some panels closer to the building while others more distant, so as to create an outdoor space with depth by multi-layered arrangement and to allow the breeze flowing through the gaps between panels into the building.

  • Plant around trees, shrubs, undergrowth, ivies to produce sufficient shade for the porch area and a fresh green scene in front of the room.
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