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How to bring life back to your bleak backyard?


essential components for a great pond


How to make swimming pool perform multi-functions?


One way to bring life to your dry and bleak backyard landscape is to build a pond. However a well-planed pond can better capitalise the benefits comparing to an unsuitably located and poorly designed one. READ ONE


Depending on where the pond is located and how you are going to use it, the pond can just be designed in a perfectly geometrical shape. Regardless the shoreline profile, you can make your pond a physical and visual wonder if you include the following key elements into your pond construction project: READ ON


Ponds in backyard can take many shapes and serve a variety of purposes. A swimming pool is, in fact, also a pond, and if it is arranged to become an integral part of your outdoor setting, it can host a whole range of activities apart from swimming. READ ON


How to bring life back to your bleak backyard?


How to better use west exposed garden


How to create a feeling of living in natural environment?


When you have a reasonably-sized middle courtyard, you may get the doors and windows of the rooms opening to the share outdoor area. But if the rooms serve different functions, they could have very different requirements on privacy. READ ONE


Sunset scene in the west sky is the most spectacular while the garden in the west can get more light in the late afternoon. But in reality, when you have a west facing backyard, you may either have to minimize the windows to the garden or your room could get very hot on summer afternoons. : READ ON


When you are lucky enough to have a balcony exposed to an open view, it would be a great waste if you do not extended your living space into the balcony vicinity. The work involved in the task could be rather minimum but it can make a real difference to the quality of your living environment. READ ON


What you can do when your balcony faces a wall?


How to better link side walkway and backyard?


how to better use walkway at the side of your house


Balcony, no matter how small, is designed to provide a spot for the residents to get contact with natural elements. But in reality, some balconies just look out to a brick wall with little visual appeal. In this case, instead of acting as a linkage to nature, the balcony becomes a visual sore. READ ON


With a smart arrangement, a less-used narrow walkway between the side boundary and the residential building can play a pivotal role in uniting the outdoors and indoors into an integral space. READ ON


A narrow walkway at the side of a house often used infrequently. In the meanwhile, the rooms with windows on the wall adjacent to the walkway normally have a bleak view of either a fence or a neighboring building. READ ON


How to build your own firepit?


How to Maintain Your Lawn and Mower?


How to Prepping Your Yard Before Winter Hits?


Do you love to get fresh air but stay warm on cool nights? You can. Just follow these simple steps to build a fire pit in your backyard... READ ON


A infographic goes through a detailed care list to keep your mower in prime grass-cutting shape. READ ON


An infographic gives you a list of projects to complete in order to make sure your lawn not only survives winter, but thrives. READ ON


what you can do when your windows face a wall?


what you can do with a tiny patio?


How to add natural light to a dark room?


It could be quite depressing when you look out a window and just see a blank wall. Is there a way to improve the view outside the window? Here is a easy four-step method to convert a prison-cell like room into a garden-living space... READ ON


A tiny patio not only let you access to natural elements but can extend your living space. Of course, a patio merely consisting of a bear ground and blank walls is not attractive, but for a tiny patio plantation or plant pots could leave no space for you to physically move around. READ ON


Is there a way to add natural light and ventilation to a room in the middle of your terrace house that either has a very small window facing a wall or has no window at all? The illustration shown below is one of a method to achieve your goal. READ ON


How to keep your garden tidy with Minimum Work


what can pebbles do in your garden


6 Plant Seeds That are edible and nutritious


How do you manage to keep your garden tidy when you don't have much time to do gardening? Japanese style garden is a good option. You can using white sends to cover a large area of ground where normally you may consider to grow a lawn or plant flowers. READ ONE


While fine sands can make a superb ground cover, pebbles are handy to keep your garden corner neat and tidy, especially around a water feature. Pebbles can also be used on your balcony to make the place more like a proper outdoor space. READ ON


Seeds not only give life to plants, some of them are also great food resources for humans. Incorporating seeds into your morning oatmeal, smoothie, or yogurt will boost the day’s protein, fiber, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. READ ON

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